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    • Storekeeper / Buyer F&B

      Job Description:


      - Procurement: Purchase products needed for the business, such as ingredients, beverages, packaging materials, equipment, and more.

      - Supplier Management: Evaluate suppliers based on factors like quality, reliability, cost, and delivery times.

      - Inventory Management and control: Manage inventory levels effectively. Ensure that stock levels are optimized to prevent overstocking or stockouts. Minimize waste and spoilage by monitoring shelf life and usage patterns. Keep accurate records of inventory levels using inventory management systems. Monitor stock levels to ensure optimal availability while minimizing storage costs.

      - Quality Control: Ensure that purchased products meet quality standards and comply with regulations. Perform quality checks on incoming products and resolve any quality issues with suppliers.

      - Receiving and Inspection: Receive incoming shipments, verify the contents against purchase orders, and inspect items for quality and quantity. Document any discrepancies.

      - Storage and Organization: Properly store products in designated areas to prevent damage, spoilage, or contamination. Ensure that products are organized for easy access and rotation.

      - Stock Rotation: Implement FIFO (first-in, first-out) and FEFO (first-expiry, first-out) principles to ensure that products with the earliest expiration dates are used or sold first, reducing waste.

      - Issuing and Distribution: Fulfill internal requests for products from different departments, ensuring accurate quantities and proper documentation. Coordinate with production and sales teams to provide the necessary products on time.

      - Waste Management: Minimize product waste by managing expiration dates, monitoring product usage.


      Applicant's Background:


      - Proven experience in a related role.

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