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    • Commis Chef

      Job Summary:

      As a Commis within our client's fine dining restaurant, you will be an integral part of our culinary team, dedicated to delivering extraordinary dining experiences to guests. This role offers an excellent opportunity for culinary enthusiasts to develop their skills and thrive within the framework of a prestigious franchise concept.

      Key Responsibilities:


      1. Food Preparation: Assist in preparing a diverse range of dishes following established recipes, portion sizes, and presentation guidelines.

      2. Cooking: Execute cooking techniques under the guidance of senior chefs, ensuring dishes meet the franchise's high culinary standards and uphold food safety and sanitation regulations.

      3. Plating: Contribute to the artistic presentation of dishes, aligning with the brand's plating standards to ensure consistency and an outstanding guest experience.

      4. Ingredient Management: Support inventory control, maintaining the quality and freshness of ingredients as per franchise guidelines.

      5. Station Maintenance: Keep a clean and organized work station, reporting equipment issues, and adhering to franchise-specific standards.

      6. Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with the culinary team, fostering clear communication and a professional work environment.

      7. Quality Control: Ensure the highest quality of food preparation and presentation, while strictly adhering to franchise food safety and sanitation policies.

      8. Learning and Development: Embrace opportunities for skill development and continuous improvement.

      9. Adherence to Policies: Uphold all franchise policies, procedures, and standards, including uniform and grooming requirements.


      • Prior culinary experience or culinary school training is preferred.
      • Basic knowledge of culinary techniques, food safety, and sanitation.
      • A strong passion for food and a desire to grow.
      • Excellent work ethic, attention to detail, and adaptability to the fast-paced, high-pressure nature of the franchise kitchen.
      • Willingness to learn, take direction, and collaborate with the team.
      • Flexibility to work various shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, in line with the franchise's operating hours.

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