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    • Procurement Manager Khobar

      Job Description:


      - Oversee end-to-end supply chain operations, including procurement, vendor management, and inventory control.
      - Develop and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, negotiating contracts and agreements to ensure cost-effectiveness and reliable supply.
      - Monitor and analyze market trends, supplier performance, and industry developments to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.
      - Streamline processes, implement best practices, and leverage technology to optimize supply chain efficiency and minimize lead times.
      - Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including operations, finance, and marketing, to align supply chain strategies with business objectives.
      - Develop inventory management policies and procedures, ensuring optimal stock levels to meet operational requirements without excessive holding costs.
      - Implement inventory tracking systems and conduct regular audits to monitor inventory accuracy, reduce wastage, and prevent stock-outs.
      - Forecast demand patterns, seasonal variations, and market trends to optimize inventory planning and minimize excess inventory.
      - Collaborate with restaurant managers to understand specific inventory needs and ensure timely delivery of supplies to meet operational demands.


      Applicant's Background:


      - Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or a related field. A master's degree may be advantageous.
      - Proven experience as a Procurement Manager or in a similar procurement leadership role.
      - In-depth knowledge of procurement principles, vendor management, and supply chain best practices.
      - Strong negotiation skills and the ability to build and maintain productive supplier relationships.
      - Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
      - Proficiency in using procurement software and MS Office Suite.
      - Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with internal stakeholders and external suppliers.
      - Solid understanding of logistics, contract terms and legal implications.
      - Saudi Arabian work experience is a plus.

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